My Stuff!

Published at 11/13/2023


Some projects that I've worked on.

My Stuff!

I have been developing since high school and I'll take this opportunity to showcase some of the good ones among the sea of many :zerotwo_hype:


GPlace was my reverse engineering project where I tried to recreate r/place in svleltekit. I linked it’s auth with my existing cardboard project and managed to gain noticable user traction on Guilded.

Viewable at:, Source Code: Github


Cardboard is my rfc6749/OAuth2.0 compliant third party openid provider, currently supporting the Guilded platform, it comes with a fully functional admin panel and a user dashboard. It comes with wrapper libs for it’s API in NodeJS, and NextAuthJS. It also managed to gain a popular Python wrapper from it’s active developer community.

Viewable at:, Repos: Github

NPM Package: npm.js


My first app in tauri, and introduction to rust. GRASS is a simple app that allows you to set your Guilded ✨RICH✨ status to the song you’re currently listening to on spotify. It’s a simple app that I made for myself, but it’s open source and you can use it too!

Repo: Github

I enjoyed making this, I hope you enjoyed reading it :D